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Product Superiority

  • Spirit: making pioneering efforts,keep on improving.
  • Service: quality first, reputation first.
  • Working attitude: top quality,high efficiency, unity and dedication.
  • Save Energy,Save Money,and Help Protect the Climate With Diye Heat Pump Dryers.
Environmental compliance
Environmental compliance
  • National environmental protection policies support products with no pollution, zero emissions and clean energy.
Low running cost
Low running cost
  • The energy efficiency is as high as 450%, and the operating cost is 30%-80% lower than that of traditional energy.
 High drying quality
High drying quality
  • The drying quality is good, the appearance and color are excellent, and the yield is high.
 Intelligent Control
Intelligent Control
  • Automatic control, remote monitoring,stable performance,fewer labor and less investments cost.
High Stability
High Stability
  • The system has high reliability, a wide range of applications, and a lifespan of up to 15 years.
Simple and worry-free
Simple and worry-free
  • Simple installation,long life service,safe and durable

Diye Energy Heat Pump Drying Solution

The Pursuit Of First-class Products

Grains Drying Equipment

About us

  • Guangdong Diye Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise,which focuses on R&D,production,marketing and service of air energy heat pump dryers.
  • The company is based on technological innovation, with the conceptof "high efficiency, energy saving, safety and environmental protection".Relying on the leading core technology, we are committed to the developmentand manufacture of high-quality air source heat pump products, and established a comprehensive performance test room formulti-functional drying equipment and an intelligent research room.

What are our strengths?

  • A high-tech enterprise,which focuses on R&D,production,marketing and service of air energy heat pump dryers.

Professional technical,research and development team

Non-standard machines can be customized according to customers' requirements

Over 8 years of production experience,short production period,first-class quality

Professsional technical guidance and training; 24 hours online service


Energy Saving Heat Pump Dryer

If your business uses the heating process and looking for a way to reduce energy bills,then our energy saving heat pump dryer is your problem solver.

Best Air Source Heat Pump Drying Machines for Leaves & Nuts & Fruits & Vegetables & Meat & Wood & Seafood &Grains,etc.

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